• Achieving Client Success Through Research and Technology


Los Angeles Capital is a global equity firm engaged in managing assets for leading institutions around the world. The firm is recognized as a pioneer in dynamic equity management, utilizing proprietary technology to engineer equity portfolios that adapt to today’s equity market. The firm’s senior investment professionals bring together three decades of investment experience to develop models for measuring and forecasting return and risk of global equity securities. The firm manages $28.4 billion as of June 30, 2022 in assets amongst a wide variety of public equity strategies designed to meet institutional client return and risk objectives. Los Angeles Capital is 100% employee owned. The firm's wholly-owned subsidiary, LACM Global, Ltd., is located in London.



Achieving Client Success Through Research and Technology

  • Client Success - Meeting client investment objectives and needs through responsible investment and exemplary client service
  • Research - Investment insights and process improvements developed from years of experience
  • Technology - World class investment technology underpins our process and ongoing innovation


Grow with our clients through a culture of innovation and shared goals while building high performance investment portfolios that adapt with markets.

  • Grow With Clients - Meeting client expectations is key to long-term relationships
  • Shared Goals - Responsible Investing practices and long-term investment results align with clients
  • Culture of Innovation - Utilize leading edge technology to develop novel investment process and technology enhancements
  • Adaptive Portfolios - Pioneering work in constructing adaptive portfolios

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Los Angeles Capital is dedicated to promoting a diverse corporate culture in which different backgrounds and perspectives are not only represented, but celebrated. We strive to create a workplace that is comfortable for all employees regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or ethnicity, and in so doing, cultivate an environment based upon mutual respect and inclusion. By fostering a culture in which employees feel empowered to leverage their individual talents and share their varied viewpoints, we as a firm grow stronger and more innovative.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement


Los Angeles Capital prides itself on its people. We have built a team of driven, energetic, and passionate individuals, many of whom are actively involved in the Los Angeles community. Members of the Firm have donated or given generously of their time and talent to the following organizations:

Special Olympics of Southern California
Women in Institutional Investments Network (WIIIN)
ICEF Vista Academy (College and Career Days)
Homeboy Industries
Step Up Women's Network
100 Black Men of Los Angeles
Local beach cleanups

Additionally, as a firm, we are evaluating ways to be greener and to promote more sustainable practices such as recycling and energy conservation. Our headquarters is located in a building that is LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Los Angeles Capital manages $28.4 billion in assets for institutional investors around the world. Clients include large pension funds (corporate & public), endowments, foundations and trusts. Each client portfolio is customized for specific guidelines, benchmarks and risk tolerances with portfolio sizes ranging from $25 million to over $7 billion. The firm also provides sub-advisory services to leading financial institutions advising more than 15 mutual funds and pooled funds. Overall, Los Angeles Capital manages over 50 portfolios for clients in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As of June 30, 2022

Firm History

Los Angeles Capital Management LLC (“Los Angeles Capital”) was formed in 2002. Its four key founding member worked together for more than a decade before they decided to form Los Angeles Capital. The founders’ sole focus was to manage active equity portfolios using a dynamic quantitative model technology known as the Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model®.

The Firm is a limited liability company and 100% employee owned through its parent companies. Today, Los Angeles Capital has 47 employee-owners and over 90 employees overall. The firm manages $28.4 billion as of June 30, 2022.

LACM In The News

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Firm Timeline


  • Founding principals build an independent, client-centric firm focused on the Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model® and the proprietary technology used in managing quantitative active equity portfolios.


  • Robust regression introduced to minimize the impact of outliers on factor pricing.


  • First proprietary trading algorithms (“Wave Optimization”) developed to lower transaction costs. By capturing favorable real-time price movements in securities, implementation shortfall numbers decreased by 25%. The introduction of proprietary algorithms largely removed broker discretion for the timing of trades.
  • Filtering techniques implemented to adjust factor prices for measurement error and model error. The goal of the enhancements is to improve factor pricing during periods of high market volatility.


  • First 130/30 portfolio funded to capture higher information ratios in large cap portfolios.
  • Investment universe expanded to European securities through the completion of research on the European Model and associated factors. First MSCI European mandate funded.


  • Investment universe expanded to Pacific Basin securities through the completion of Japan and Asia Ex-Japan models.
  • Passed $5 bn in firm assets under management.
  • Established dedicated Portfolio Management area to enhance portfolio oversight and deepen risk control.


  • Daily risk model implemented to enable risk estimates to better adapt to market shifts.


  • Investment universe expanded to Emerging Markets securities. Emerging Markets private placement vehicle launched in December.


  • Global Equity and Global Managed Volatility products funded.
  • Established dedicated Portfolio Risk Management Department within the Research group.
  • Formed Los Angeles Capital Global Funds PLC in Ireland, an affiliate of Los Angeles Capital to manage money for non-U.S. clients in UCITS registered investment funds.
  • Initiated the Los Angeles Capital Management Committee to oversee day to day firm activity.


  • Firm passed $10 billion in AUM.
  • Robust optimization research and implementation completed.
  • Launched first EAFE portfolios.


  • Launched a Collective Investment Trust incorporating our U.S. Large Cap Growth strategy to service the 401K market.
  • Introduced first 130/30 Active Extension portfolios for U.S. Large Cap Value and EAFE.


  • Developed Augmented Risk model to capture incremental, transitory investment risks from the Dynamic Alpha Model.
  • Developed a multi-day horizon trading strategy for value-oriented trades.
  • Launched first ACWI ex-U.S. portfolio.
  • Ranked in Pensions & Investments' 2014 Best Places to Work in Money Management (50-99 employees category).


  • Became a Signatory of the PRI.
  • Launched Deep Value U.S. Equity strategy.
  • Developed Long Term Alpha Forecasts.
  • Ranked in Pensions & Investments' 2015 Best Places to Work in Money Management (50-99 employees category).
  • Formed LACM Global, Ltd, a wholly-owned U.K. subsidiary.


  • Incorporated Multi Level Modeling ("MLM") into global portfolios.
  • Passed $20 billion in AUM.
  • LACM Global, Ltd. registered with the FCA.
  • Launched Los Angeles Capital Global UCITS fund.
  • Ranked in Pensions & Investments' 2016 Best Places to Work in Money Management


  • Generating alphas on more than 9,000 stocks.
  • Incorporated unstructured data into the investment process.
  • Awarded a Best Place to Work in Money Management for 2017 by Pensions & Investments.


  • Implemented Corporate Green Initiatives
  • Developed proprietary ESG signal emphasizing Materiality
  • Implemented carbon emissions budgets in select client portfolios
  • Awarded a Best Place to Work in Money Management for 2018 by Pensions and Investments.


  • Launched Global Small Cap Strategy
  • Publicly declared support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Launched Savings Solutions strategies intended for the individual retirement savings market
  • Recognized in the list of winners by Pensions & Investments "Best Places to Work" for the Sixth Year in a row


  • Joined the Climate Action 100+ Initiative
  • Launched US Microcap Equity strategy
  • Explicit ESG factor added to the DA Model
  • Launched proprietary Analyst Insight Model factor utilizing approximately 70 components to measure analyst sentiment
  • Recognized in the list of winners by Pensions & Investments "Best Places to Work" for seven consecutive years


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