Navigating Turbulent Equity Markets

April, 21 2023

This paper seeks to demonstrate that factors can provide an intuitive description of market events. Moreover, it illustrates how factor data can be used to develop an adaptive investment process that not only captures investors’ changing expectations, but also builds portfolios that have been able to weather varying and uniquely challenging market environments.

Building Better Equity Portfolios through Dynamic Factor Management

March, 31 2023

LACM’s investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that markets are dynamic and investor preferences continually evolve. In this paper, LACM seeks to illustrate how a forward-looking approach based on current risk premia can generate superior forecasts versus both static and timing approaches based on historical returns.

Reflections on 20 Years of Quantitative Investing

January, 26 2023

2022 was a milestone year for LACM, marking 20 years since its founding. The Firm has since enjoyed significant growth, while staying true to its proprietary investment philosophy and adaptive quantitative approach. In this piece, Co-CIO and Co-Founder, Hal Reynolds, reflects on LACM’s history, as well as the key insights that have supported the Firm’s dynamic approach and led to significant developments in the stock selection process.


LACM Firm Brochure

May, 2 2023

LACM is a global quantitative equity manager taking a differentiated approach to dynamic equity management. This brochure provides a general overview of the Firm’s philosophy and approach, investment process, and points of distinction.

Sustainable Investing at LACM

November, 1 2022

LACM's forward-looking investment process and adaptive Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model are designed to capture how evolving metrics related to ESG and sustainability influence a stock’s expected return and risk profile.

Global Citizenship at LACM

November, 1 2022

Los Angeles Capital prides itself on its people, building a team of driven, energetic, and passionate individuals. The Firm values, supports, and celebrates different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and strongly believes that we are better together. The Firm’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group, Corporate Social Responsibility Group, and Responsible Investing Solutions Group promote active and open collaboration, facilitating and supporting the incorporation of ESG principles into both the management and culture of LACM.


Quarterly Model Views - 4Q23

January, 26 2024

Against the backdrop of a dovish Fed pivot, consistently strong US economic data, and decreasing probability of a severe economic contraction, LACM discusses its views and expectations entering 2024, providing insights from Los Angeles Capital's Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model®.