Navigating Turbulent Equity Markets

April, 21 2023

This paper seeks to demonstrate that factors can provide an intuitive description of market events. Moreover, it illustrates how factor data can be used to develop an adaptive investment process that not only captures investors’ changing expectations, but also builds portfolios that have been able to weather varying and uniquely challenging market environments.

Building Better Equity Portfolios through Dynamic Factor Management

March, 31 2023

LACM’s investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that markets are dynamic and investor preferences continually evolve. In this paper, LACM seeks to illustrate how a forward-looking approach based on current risk premia can generate superior forecasts versus both static and timing approaches based on historical returns.

Reflections on 20 Years of Quantitative Investing

January, 26 2023

2022 was a milestone year for LACM, marking 20 years since its founding. The Firm has since enjoyed significant growth, while staying true to its proprietary investment philosophy and adaptive quantitative approach. In this piece, Co-CIO and Co-Founder, Hal Reynolds, reflects on LACM’s history, as well as the key insights that have supported the Firm’s dynamic approach and led to significant developments in the stock selection process.


Investors Drilling Deeper on ESG as Managers Strengthen their Approaches

June, 7 2024

Investors are increasingly scrutinizing ESG criteria and demanding more detailed and transparent reporting on ESG metrics. In this article with P&I, LACM’s Laina Draeger, Director of Responsible Investing, emphasizes that superficial ESG claims are no longer sufficient, as investors seek verifiable data to support companies' ESG efforts

More Companies Are Selling Shares to Help Cut Debt

May, 16 2024

LACM’s Co-CIO, Hal Reynolds, features in this Bloomberg article, which discusses how companies are using the strength of stock markets to raise equity and take out leverage in the face of much higher borrowing costs after the end of the easy money era.

Emerging Market Equities, Investors Grapple With Peak Political Risk

April, 16 2024

As billions of people head to the polls in 2024, how will politics influence flows to emerging market equities? LACM’s Co-CIO, Hal Reynolds, features in an article with IPE, discussing how regulatory activity may restrict productivity growth and constitute a cap on earnings growth for emerging market companies.

NLP Can Help Identify Linkages Between Equity Market Peers

January, 15 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models have shown promise in improving forecasting accuracy across a wide range of problems, such as image and speech recognition, text translation, and medical diagnosis. In this feature article with IPE, LACM’s Co-CIOs, Ed Rackham and Hal Reynolds, discuss how Natural Language Processing, a subset of Machine Learning, can help to identify linkages between equity market peers.

What's Next for High Quality Growth Stocks?

November, 15 2023

The past eight years are an important reminder that the largest companies may dominate for extended periods of time, so how should investors evaluate the dominant competitive positions and fundamental momentum of these companies? In this article with P&I, Hal Reynolds, Co-CIO, and Sidharth Madan, Associate Director, Research, discuss different factors investors may focus on in their search for more consistent active returns.

Will Growth Continue to Outperform Value?

July, 25 2023

Growth beat value in the first half of 2023, but will its outperformance last? In a discussion with Institutional Investor, LACM’s Co-CIO and Co-Founder Hal Reynolds offers his thoughts on why better economic conditions are likely required for value to make a sustainable rebound.

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AI in Investment & Financial Services

July, 19 2023

Co-CIO and Co-Founder of LACM Hal Reynolds spoke to the Financial Times about the outlook for the integration of AI technologies across the investment management arena. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing plays a role in LACM’s forward-looking, adaptive process, enabling the Firm to harness investors’ changing expectations as key inputs to its proprietary dynamic model.


Quarterly Model Views - 1Q24

May, 8 2024

Despite expectations of a less dovish Fed, risk assets continue to rally, indicating investors expect the economic backdrop to remain strong and for the earnings outlook to brighten. In this video, LACM discusses key takeaways from Q1 and expectations for Q2, providing insights from Los Angeles Capital’s Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model®.

Quarterly Model Views - 4Q23

January, 26 2024

Against the backdrop of a dovish Fed pivot, consistently strong US economic data, and decreasing probability of a severe economic contraction, LACM discusses its views and expectations entering 2024, providing insights from Los Angeles Capital's Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model®.