Sustainable Investing at LACM

November, 1 2022

LACM's forward-looking investment process and adaptive Dynamic Alpha Stock Selection Model® are designed to capture how evolving metrics related to ESG and sustainability influence a stock’s expected return and risk profile.

Global Citizenship at LACM

November, 1 2022

Los Angeles Capital prides itself on its people, building a team of driven, energetic, and passionate individuals. The Firm values, supports, and celebrates different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and strongly believes that we are better together. The Firm’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group, Corporate Social Responsibility Group, and Responsible Investing Solutions Group promote active and open collaboration, facilitating and supporting the incorporation of ESG principles into both the management and culture of LACM.

Low Carbon Solutions at LACM

November, 1 2022

With clients increasingly adopting a greater emphasis on ESG and particularly climate considerations, Los Angeles Capital offers a variety of solutions to meet its clients' unique environmental and financial objectives. Low carbon solutions include Total Carbon Emissions, Carbon Footprint, Weighted Average Carbon Intensity, and Net Zero Alignment.